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Commonwealth Farm achieves great results using Tru-Blu Grease PDF Print E-mail

To Mr. Murray Crawford,

Tru-Blu Grease has been good for us, we use it on all our farm machinery and more, including our trucks, one of which has travelled over 600,000km using your grease and the king pins are still in good condition and are passed by the RTA every 12 months.

Yours Truely,

Roy Just
Commonwealth Farm
Howlong, NSW

Ford New Holland Australia Limited, from Cranbourne, Vic. writes, PDF Print E-mail

"Dear Mr. Crawford,

(You)...have been supplying Ford New Holland special lubricants (Tru-Blu "Oil Stabiliser" ) over the last few years. The resultant increase in trouble free operation has more than justified our confidence in your product. Use of your product in our farm machinery has certainly increased and we continue to support and recommend its use in all components warranted by our company. The display and promotion of "Tru-Blu Oil" in the Parts Departments of our major dealers is in keeping with a quality Australian product.

Yours sincerely,"


Fiat and Bridgestone, Australia report, PDF Print E-mail


50% Tru-Blu "Oil Stabiliser" in Laverda final drives reduces warranty claims.

Bridgestone, Australia:

30% Tru-Blu "Oil Stabiliser" in Colander gearbox using Amala 680 reduced temperature from 101 degrees C to 50 degrees C and reduced noise considerably. Tru-Blu "Multi-Purpose U.H.T.E.P. Grease" reduced bearing temperature 17 degrees C and overall need for grease application declined by 50% minimum (fling-off eliminated to Nil). Resultant reduction in wear has eliminated previous extensive plant shutdowns, thereby saving hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now using throughout entire plant and very happy.


Mr Bob C. from Alice Springs writes, PDF Print E-mail

Amazed! Mercedes Benz 1626 single drive OM402 motor with Fuller 15 speed gearbox & epicyclic hub reduction Mann rear end :- Carries trailer and 2 dogs; that is, 60 tonnes fully loaded and under extreme conditions. 400,000 Kms on clock with 35% "Oil Stabiliser" in gearbox, 50% in diffs and 25% in engine. Breather system would normally cause carbon build-up without Tru-Blu "Upper Cylinder Lubricant."

Tru-Blu "Upper Cylinder Lubricant" keeps engine whistle clean. Compression is UP and fuel consumption DOWN by 15%.

Tru-Blu "Oil Stabiliser" has doubled oil and filter change intervals and oil consumption has been halved, with oil pressure up 8 p.s.i. Greatly reduced oil temperature and water temperature lower, between 8 – 10 degrees C. Power up by 150 revs when fully loaded. Smoother gear change. Roadranger noise is reduced about half – never touched box. Air valve replacement completely eliminated. Heat greatly reduced in rear end. Oil change for both box and rear end 80 – 100,000Kms. Have not replaced any greasable item except 2 lower shackle pins in rear suspension in 400,000Kms. Truck is in "as new" condition whilst others doing similar work are worn out and being traded because of problems.


Large Fuel Savings PDF Print E-mail

Yellow Cabs of Australia Pty. Ltd. attest to the improvement in petrol fuel economy by 16.8% averaged across their fleet of cars, an equivalent saving of AUD$92-71 in fuel costs per car (fuel @ 84.9cpl), for each 1Ltr. bottle of "Upper Cylinder Lubricant" used ("UCL" @ $14-50 per bottle), a nett saving of over $78-00 in fuel costs per bottle used.

These savings could be considerably increased, even doubled in some instances, when UCL is used in older, out of "tune" or un-serviced engines. Because of the EXTRA distance YOU WILL TRAVEL for the SAME amount of FUEL YOU NORMALLY BUY, YOU too can start saving money today! ORDER now.

10 BENEFITS when used as directed, Upper Cylinder Lubricant :

SAVES YOU MORE money (in fuel savings) than the cost of the product – WE GUARANTEE IT!

REDUCES fuel consumption by up to 30% (petrol, gas and diesel) by improving and equalising fuel quality.

CLEANS and keeps clean, injectors, carbies, cylinders, rings, valves, spark plugs, etc.

RESTORES compression, peak power and acceleration.

REDUCES Carbon Dioxide & HydroCarbon emissions by as much as 77%, better protecting our environment.

DISPERSES and negates up to 10% water in fuel.

EXTENDS spark plug life by up to 50,000 Kms.

MAINTAINS engine "tune" far longer, extending "tune-up" intervals.

CORRECTS rough idle and hard starting.

CONVERTS leaded engines instantly to unleaded fuel.


The Vital Difference for Today's LOW GRADE FUELS:

All vehicle fuels today (petrol, diesel and gas) can vary greatly in quality from batch to batch, as independent analysis confirms. Sub-standard and "doctored" fuels have been around for some time and are on the increase as we have seen from recent media reports. For you, the motorist, this means poorer fuel economy, harder starting, sometimes erratic running, certainly much higher emission levels and greater engine wear, perhaps even engine damage in instances where fuel has been "doctored" by the addition of toluene.

The most important aspect to consider when your engine is tuned, is that it is tuned to the quality of fuel already in your tank. If your next tank of fuel varies in quality, then your 'tune-up' is immediately wasted because your engine will then run either rich or lean depending on the changed fuel quality, which costs you considerably in fuel economy (less kilometres travelled per litre of fuel), therefore costing you far more money to drive your vehicle than should be the case.

Because we don't actually see what we are putting in our fuel tanks, we have for decades taken the oil companies on trust that they provide a reasonable quality of product. Out of sight and out of mind, the public perception generally has been that any fuel is good fuel, but unfortunately, we do not have to look far to realise the reasons for the considerable decline in our fuel qualities over the last couple of years.

These days some tankers cart anything, including oils and chemicals. One morning, they may deliver diesel or chemicals and in the afternoon, load petrol for delivery without always being thoroughly cleaned out. Therefore, cross-contamination can and does occur from tankers and holding tanks. Further possible problems for you, the consumer include water contamination, reduced or non-existent fuel additives (which make it cheaper for the oil companies to compete on price against some inferior imported fuels), varying lead content in leaded fuels, poorer (gelling) quality fuels and "doctored" fuels (e.g. toluene).

With gas (LPG and CNG) today, you could get anything from pure Butane to pure Propane and anything in between. No mechanic, no matter how good they are, can tune your engine to run consistently well with such variations in fuel quality.

Diesel fuel qualities are arguably the worst of all. Because nationally, we use more diesel than petrol but produce far more petrol than diesel from a barrel of oil, rather than try to store the excess petrol, the oil companies are extracting during processing (catalytic cracking) increasing amounts of much lower quality 'diesel-mix' product (which normally would be discarded), to add to normal diesel to make up for the shortfall in required diesel quantity. This problem will only get worse as demand for diesel increases. This increasing level of lower quality 'diesel-mix' continues to reduce the overall quality of normal diesel fuel which is resulting in higher additive packages in diesel engine oils to enable the oils to cope with the increased pollution of the oil caused by the use of sub-standard fuel. Hence we have seen in recent years a dramatic increase in chemical additives in diesel oils which not only cost the consumer more money, the environment continues to suffer under the weight of increased emissions. "Doctored" fuel or fuel substitutes such as heating oil is also a problem encountered by consumers, as is water contamination, waxing, algae and high sulphur imported fuels. We recall the incident of a fuel tanker loading cheap imported fuel in the heat at Darwin, which then travelled to Alice Springs where there was a cool change in the weather. It took three days to unload the diesel fuel from the tanker because the fuel had turned to jelly in the cooler Alice weather.

The main results of poor quality fuels for you are poorer combustion which means higher fuel use and therefore higher running costs, oil sludging and therefore shorter oil and oil filter life, shorter engine and catalytic converter life and increased pollution of the environment caused by higher emissions.

As mentioned earlier, your engine is tuned to run on whatever the fuel quality is in your tank, so it is impossible to have your engine run properly and economically if the fuel quality varies, as it certainly can from batch to batch and filling station to filling station, let alone with all the other problems as well. You, the consumer, have no way of knowing what quality of fuel you are buying on any given day!

The real ANSWER is that TRU-BLU "Upper Cylinder Lubricant" is a special blend of 100% petroleum, pure petroleum essence, the vital difference which mixes with and equalises each tank of fuel you buy, whether it be petrol, gas or diesel, overcoming the nasty side effects of poor quality fuels, improving fuel economy by up to 30% and reducing harmful emissions by as much as 77%, which is also a major benefit for your environment! see Products - "Upper Cylinder Lubricant". "Upper Cylinder Lubricant" will elevate your fuel quality to achieve maximum fuel efficiency and fuel economy for you, saving you a significant amount of money as you drive.

Saved 26.7% on LPG running costs!

Savings of 26.7% achieved on LPG running costs! (Equal to always buying LPG at 30.7cpl instead of 41.9cpl). Using "Upper Cylinder Lubricant" for the first time in the company's Ford 6 Cylinder Automatic sedan, the average LPG consumption for country travelling decreased (distance travelled increased) from 5.42Kpl to 6.86Kpl, a saving of AUD$57-17 in fuel costs (@ 41.9cpl) for each 1Ltr. Bottle of UCL used (@ $14-50 per bottle), a nett saving of nearly $43-00 in LPG fuel costs per bottle used.

Tru-Blu "Oil Stabiliser" and "Upper Cylinder Lubricant" will perform just as well for you in any engine of similar age and condition. Generally, the older the vehicle, the more spectacular the increase is in power, fuel and oil economy. But more importantly, these products are guaranteed to give you at least 10% improvement in your engine's fuel economy, no matter how new, serviced and in-tune your engine may currently be. Therefore we Guarantee that you will save more money in fuel costs than the cost of buying these products from us!

PLEASE NOTE that after the first fill using UCL, over the next 6 – 10 tank fills of fuel, you will notice a continued gradual improvement in your fuel economy as the UCL cleans your engine's upper cylinder and restores compression until the upper cylinder is entirely cleaned, when your maximum fuel economy and savings will be achieved! As illustrated in the Compression Test table above using "Oil Stabiliser", the results just keep getting better over time.





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