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We are able to offer products under your private brand. As toll blenders we are very flexible and blend to the standard you request to suit your market segment offering the best value for money.

For those in the manufacturing oil industry we provide Viscosity Modifiers, tackifyers and other polymers for use in finished lubes. We can even solubolise polymers for other industries outside the oil industry. We can also blend or solubolize your products for you.  Most products are delivered in shipping containers or flexibags as that is the most economical.

We manufacture for sale Hi Speed machinery using the most advanced technology to solubolise a variety of polymers custom built to suit you plant. These machines can solubolise up to 18 thousand litres an hour. 

Don’t forget if you have need to laboratory assistance our highly experienced chemists are happy to assist you. Our lab can provide extensive test information on any lubricant be it new or used. 




How To Order

Order online so we can get your order processed in the best possible time.

Or call us to order on

+61 3 9720 4400

+61 3 9720 4400

If you would like a free sample of selected products, please download the Sample Request Form.



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