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Keep checking back!

We are currently undergoing a website and marketing redevelopment. The same great Tru-Blu Oil service and quality you've had for the past 33 years will still be here but with a brand new look and features to represent how we are working to remain at the top of our market to make sure we can keep you at the top of yours.
Keep checking back to see new information about our products, new product releases and a new online store to purchase our products quickly and conveniently in just a few steps.

Behind the scenes our manufacturing plant is undergoing our phase 2 expansion, with the installation of new blending tanks and commissioning of our AdBlue® manufacturing plant

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Your defence in the most extreme conditions

New to our Automotive range is Tru-Blu Oil's Arctic Defence™, a Diesel No-Freeze Additive specially formulated to meet the harshest of Australian winter conditions. 

Arctic Defence™ prevents the freezing of diesel and bio-diesel fuel in low temperature and alpine regions to ensure a smooth, easy start where-ever you are in Australia.

Arctic Defence™ can save you money! By simply adding Arctic Defence to your fuel tank before filling up with regular Diesel you're saving on the high cost of winter diesel.

Arctic Defence™ only needs to be added at a treat rate of 1:1000 for most winter conditions. 1:500 for extreme cold regions. Can be added directly into the vehicles fuel tank or into bulk storage tanks.

For more information please download our information flyer (click image below) or contact us and one of our sales staff will be happy to help.

alt arctic defence price flyer web img sml

Avaliable in: 1L measuring pack, 5L, 20L, 200L.


How To Order


(03) 9720 4400

+61 3 9720 4400


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A Fuel Treatment Solution That Works!


New to our Automotive range is Tru-Blu Oil's Fuel Saver™, our extensively tested and proven product that will reduce your fuel costs in any vehicle you use it in, but also helps to clean and maintain and extend the life of your engine saving you even more. Fuel Saver's Unique Approach : Simply Better.

Fuel Saver™ is a 100% hydrocarbon product that is safe to use with many fuels including; Petrol, Diesel, LPG, LNG, CNG and more...

Fuel Saver™ can save you money! By cleaning your engine's combustion and fuel system Fuel Saver is able to increase your fuel economy by 10-15%.

The Benefits of using Fuel Saver™:

  • Increase fuel economy by 10-15%
  • Meets or exceeds all fuel specifications
  • Fuel Saver is a 100% hydrocarbon product
  • Cleans the fuel injectors and keeps them clean
  • Lubricates fuel injection pump
  • Extends engine life
  • Reduces pour point to -34oC
  • Burns away carbon deposits from the combustion chamber
  • Cleans tanks and supply lines of sludge and heavy deposits
  • Fuel Saver mixes readily with fuel
  • Fuel Saver treated fuels burn cooler, reducing nitrous oxide
  • Fuel Saver has a longer stable life than diesel or petrol fuels
  • Improves bio-diesel fuels


Fuel Saver™ is used at a treat rate of 1:200 and is added directly into the vehicles fuel tank.

For more information please download our information brochure (click image below) or contact us and one of our sales staff will be happy to help.

fuelsaver info brochure 4up v3 cover img sml 

Avaliable in: 1L, 5L, 20L, 200L.


How To Order


(03) 9720 4400

+61 3 9720 4400


AdBlue® is now here! E-mail

BlueCat® AdBlue®

BlueCat® AdBlue® is manufactured under a license issued by the VDA. AdBlue® is a VDA registered trademark.

Tru-Blu Oil are excited to announce that we now supply and manufacture AdBlue® as part of our Automotive range.


BlueCat® AdBlue® is a fluid used in the latest generation of diesel powered trucks and cars that must meet Euro IV and Euro V emission standards and from 2013 Euro VI standards.

BlueCat® AdBlue® is stored in a separate tank in the vehicle and the fluid is precisely injected into the engines hot exhaust manifold, where the AdBlue® breaks down into ammonia and reacts with the exhaust gases in the presence of a catalytic converter. The oxides formed at combustion are converted into harmless elementary nitrogen and water. This method is known as Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). All of this together allows your vehicle to run greener and cleaner.

BlueCat® AdBlue® will be available in pack sizes ranging from 10 litres up to 1000 litre IBC in addition to being able to purchase specially insulated tanks from 1000 to 5000 litres in size. We can also bulk deliver BlueCat® AdBlue® to you.

We have a full range of dispensing equipment specially designed and tested for use with BlueCat® AdBlue®, our sales reps are happy to recommend the best equipment for your AdBlue® needs or see you dispensing solutions flyer below.



Please download our Questions and Answers brochure and our product information flyer for more information (click pictures below), or you can contact us.

BlueCat_Q&A    alt    bluecat dispensing-solutions

Avaliable in: 10 ltr, 20 ltr, 200 ltr, 1000 ltr IBC, 1000-5000 tanks, bulk delivery

VDA licensed. Fully complies with ISO 22241.


How To Order


(03) 9720 4400

+61 3 9720 4400


Tru-Blu donate to Marysville Volunteer Day PDF Print E-mail

Recently Berry Street and Jim’s Mowing travelled to the bush fire affected area of Marysville, to assist the residents rebuild their community.

The weekend was a huge success and all the residents were more than appreciative of the efforts of the Jim’s Mowing franchisees and Berry Street for organising the event, and Tru-Blu Oil were proud to be a part of the effort by donating a range of products to the Jim’s Mowing group of volunteers.

Read the full story here.

Tru-Blu Oil acquires OilTech Product range PDF Print E-mail

Tru-Blu Oil Australia has recently acquired the OilTech Australia Pty Ltd product range.  

Over the past 20 years OilTech had developed a range of synthetic lubricants, in particular fire resistant hydraulic fluids that enables the customer to reduce the risk of fire hazards, chemical and environmental exposure and allows them to work safer and eliminate poor lubricant performance.

OilTech had a comprehensive knowledge base on synthetic lubricants and functional fluids.

Along with the acquisition of the OilTech product range, Mike Pelling OilTech's Account Manager has moved to Tru-Blu Oil and will be providing sales and technical advise to customers of Tru-Blu Oil across the Tru-Blu Oil range of products and OilTech.

Information on OilTech products is available on our website, and if you would like more information on any OilTech or Tru-Blu Oil products or to place an order please contact us on 9720 4400.

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