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A semi synthetic product that has a high viscosity index, which improves the lubrication properties of non water proof conventional oils. It reduces wear, power loss due to friction, heat generation; gum/ varnish build up and, most importantly, allows the oil to operate with up to 50% water intake. Oil Water Proofer is an essential part of safe boating and cost efficiency.

Oil Water Proofer adheres to the internal components of engines and other moving parts whether stationary or operational, providing a protective barrier between load surfaces therefore increasing compression, sealing metal surfaces reducing component surface-to-surface wear and reducing run off during periods of non operation.

Benefits of Oil Water Proofer:

  • Operates with up to 50% water
  • Reduced wear
  • More power
  • Increased compression
  • Less pollution
  • Increased economy
  • Easier starting
  • Lower temperatures
  • Longer engine life

Avaliable in: 1 Lt, 5 Lt, 20 Lt, 205 Lt




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