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Many modern motor oils lack adhesion and cohesion properties essential to good lubrication longevity, indicated by the American Petroleum Institute. (Adhesion and cohesion abilities are measured by the level of Viscosity "INDEX" variation, that is, measuring an oil's ability to remain constant when subjected to heat and cold.)

Why it is essential for your oil to maintain its intended Viscosity "INDEX" range! FACT! Many cheap lubricants today lose their adhesion and cohesion abilities to lubricate your engine after only about 3,000kms (1,850 miles) due to early breakdown of essential properties. Heat markedly thins ordinary lubricants, causing rapid run-off, which means added protection is essential!

With your next oil change, Tru-Blu Oil Stabiliser's unique special properties will provide the essentials to significantly improve the STABILITY of your oil's Viscosity Index range for much longer and make the ideal for your oils to be in order to cope with today's severe service conditions!

A Word on Severe Service Conditions: Most car manufacturer's recommend you use 5W30 or 10W30 oils in new cars year-round and 20W40 or 20W50 in older cars but if you check your owner's manual you will probably find a recommendation for what's called 'severe duty / service', such as pulling a trailer or caravan. However, in reality severe service conditions are much more general (when your oil is under the most pressure, for instance, at high speeds, towing, or short trip stop/start driving). Shell acknowledges that "most modern drivers actually operate altunder severe driving conditions", recommending servicing intervals not longer than 5,000 kms or 3,000 miles. Tru-Blu Oil Stabiliser adds extreme pressure properties which resist thinning, effectively extending the adhesive and cohesive abilities of your lubricant to combat severe driving conditions, at least tripling Shell's recommended interval for normal oils. Want to know more? Ask World #1 Wizard This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Every motorist has water in their oil! Did you know that every litre of fuel burnt in your engine produces one litre of water as vapour, some of which gets down into your lower motor causing emulsification and premature breakdown of oils, furthermore RUST can form within 24 hours if water is left unchecked. Tru-Blu Oils Stabiliser overcomes this water problem entirely for you.

Transmission & Differential, etc. oils -

Avoid similar damage to all mechanical components from severe operating conditions by treating components with Tru-Blu Oil Stabiliser.

No matter what your lubrication requirements, for optimum protection use the product top Professional International Nascar and International 4WD champions rely on to increase the stability of their lubricants for essential protection of their vehicles -   TRU-BLU Oil Stabiliser.





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