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BlueCat® AdBlue®

BlueCat® AdBlue® is manufactured under a license issued by the VDA. AdBlue® is a VDA registered trademark.

Tru-Blu Oil are excited to announce that we now supply and manufacture AdBlue® as part of our Automotive range.


BlueCat® AdBlue® is a fluid used in the latest generation of diesel powered trucks and cars that must meet Euro IV and Euro V emission standards and from 2013 Euro VI standards.

BlueCat® AdBlue® is stored in a separate tank in the vehicle and the fluid is precisely injected into the engines hot exhaust manifold, where the AdBlue® breaks down into ammonia and reacts with the exhaust gases in the presence of a catalytic converter. The oxides formed at combustion are converted into harmless elementary nitrogen and water. This method is known as Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). All of this together allows your vehicle to run greener and cleaner.

BlueCat® AdBlue® will be available in pack sizes ranging from 10 litres up to 1000 litre IBC in addition to being able to purchase specially insulated tanks from 1000 to 5000 litres in size. We can also bulk deliver BlueCat® AdBlue® to you.

We have a full range of dispensing equipment specially designed and tested for use with BlueCat® AdBlue®, our sales reps are happy to recommend the best equipment for your AdBlue® needs or see you dispensing solutions flyer below.



Please download our Questions and Answers brochure and our product information flyer for more information (click pictures below), or you can contact us.

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Avaliable in: 10 ltr, 20 ltr, 200 ltr, 1000 ltr IBC, 1000-5000 tanks, bulk delivery

VDA licensed. Fully complies with ISO 22241.


How To Order


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How To Order

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+61 3 9720 4400

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